Meet the Dynamic Team Behind Hollbridge: Navigating OTT, Video Streaming, and Broadcast Technology with Expertise

Hollbridge 114

Specializing in the ever-evolving realms of OTT, video streaming, and broadcast technology, Hollbridge is not just a recruitment company—it's a team of passionate professionals committed to connecting the right talent with the right opportunities.

As the company continues to grow, so does its team, and what better way to introduce the faces behind the success than through a photo shoot against the backdrop of the nearby seaside and landscape?

Peter Holland
Director at Hollbridge

Peter Holland: Steering the Ship as Director

At the helm of Hollbridge is Peter Holland, the Director whose vision guides the company toward new heights. With 15+ years of experience in the niche and a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape and a commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and growth, Peter ensures that Hollbridge remains a trusted partner for both clients and candidates. His strategic insights and dedication to excellence set the tone for the entire team.

Here's your chance to meet the talented individuals driving Hollbridge forward.

Nick Mackmim-Wood
Consultant at Hollbridge

Nick Mackmim-Wood: Connecting Talent in the World of Broadcast

Nick Mackmim-Wood brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Hollbridge team. With an eye for identifying top talent and a knack for understanding the ever-evolving landscape of broadcast technology, Nick plays a crucial role as a Broadcast and Video Technology Consultant. His commitment to excellence ensures that Hollbridge continues to be at the forefront of recruitment in the sector.

Harry Lestrange
Consultant at Hollbridge

Harry Lestrange: Navigating the Waves of Video Streaming

In the world of video streaming and broadcast technologies, Harry Lestrange stands out as a dedicated Consultant at Hollbridge. His passion for staying ahead of industry trends and understanding the nuances make him an invaluable asset to both clients and candidates. With a keen eye for talent and a finger on the pulse of video technology innovations, Harry is instrumental in shaping the future of Hollbridge in this ever-expanding market.

Ryan Hawley
Consultant at Hollbridge

Ryan Hawley: Pioneering 5G Technologies and the Telco Sector

Adding a new dimension to the Hollbridge team is Ryan Hawley, the latest addition specializing in 5G technologies and the Telecommunications sector. Ryan's expertise and forward-thinking approach position Hollbridge at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that clients receive the best talent to navigate the complexities of the telecommunications landscape.

As Hollbridge continues to make its mark in the recruitment industry, the team remains committed to its core values of expertise, collaboration, and innovation. With a stunning backdrop of the seaside and landscape just minutes away from their office in Brighton/Hove, the Hollbridge team is not only shaping the future of recruitment in OTT, video streaming, and broadcast technology but doing so against the backdrop of a beautiful coastal setting that mirrors the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the industry they serve.