Riding the Wave: Sales Job Spike in an Economic Dip

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By Peter Holland, Director of Hollbridge

When economic dips come along competition spikes and so does the demand for certain skill sets and profiles. Hollbridge helps global OTT & Video Delivery technology companies, Broadcasters and Content Owners build great teams and has seen a definite spike in Sales opportunities.

The Current Landscape: Economic Dips and Job Market Surges

Economic downturns, while unsettling for businesses and individuals alike, often serve as catalysts for shifts within the job market. When faced with uncertainty, companies turn to sales as a means to drive revenue and sustain growth. This increased emphasis on sales is a direct response to the need for businesses to strengthen their market presence, acquire new customers, and retain existing ones.

In the realm of video delivery, broadcast and streaming, the landscape is particularly competitive. With the proliferation of streaming platforms and the ever-expanding demand for high-quality content, companies are engaged in fierce battles for market share. Consequently, sales teams play a pivotal role in driving subscription growth, securing partnerships, and maximizing revenue streams.

The Role of Sales in the Video Delivery and Streaming Market

In an era dominated by digital consumption, the success of content delivery hinges on effective sales strategies. Sales professionals act as the primary interface between companies and clients, leveraging their expertise to showcase the value proposition of their offerings. Whether it's pitching to broadcasters / streaming platforms, negotiating licensing deals with content creators, or forging alliances with service partners, sales teams are instrumental in driving business objectives forward.

Moreover, the rapid evolution of technology and consumer preferences necessitates a dynamic approach to sales. Sales professionals in this industry must possess a deep understanding of market trends, technological advancements, and customer needs. They must adapt swiftly to changing landscapes, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and mitigate potential challenges to stay ahead of the curve.

The Competition for Top Talent

As the demand for skilled sales professionals escalates, competition among employers intensifies. Companies are vying to attract and retain top talent capable of delivering results in a fast-paced and competitive environment. In response, recruitment agencies such as Hollbridge play a pivotal role in identifying, evaluating, and connecting qualified candidates with prospective employers.

We at Hollbridge know all the best Sales talent in our niche for the Americas, Europe and Asia. If you are looking for your next Head of Sales in the video technology or broadcast market - please get in touch.